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The why is the most important question in life. You can work harder and make more money but you should ask yourself why.

Why should you do anything. Do you have a good reason for it, do you have a good motivation for it?

Even ask yourself now, hit yourself on the head really fast. You ask why. If I say: because I said so. You will say: No, get lost. If I would give you a legit reason, you would give it. Do it now fast, because there is a dirty fly who wants to do something bad (lay eggs) for example. You will do it. Even without thinking.

Again this goes back to the point, do the people want to think and explain the reason. If not. It’s waste, again.

Why should you learn this, what benefit does it have for the future. Learn them, show them, convince them and they will follow you to the end of the world (or the text book in this case).

The learning part is not so much in the materials or the subject or what, but more into the how and why.

How should a kid learn. How should a kid go to school. Imagine kids from a certain age who are still growing. Do you think it has any use if the children are still tired and then going to school?

They will fall asleep in the first couple of lessons. Also the types of classes should be really well thought of. You cannot do difficult classes in the start or end of a day. Kids can never keep up, it’s a waste of everyone’s time. Yet, still it happens.

Because no ones wants to do the thinking of how to change this. If we really wanted to, we can change it. Thanks to the internet, global communications we can exchange experiences. Imagine learning from schools in Sweden, and Sweden is learning from schools in South Korea. We will ultimately form the best school system the world has known.

But the question is, are people interested in this. That’s the hard boiled question which will and can change everything.

Waiting for Superman is the other one. This also gives you as viewer a peek into the harsh reality of going to school. Not in the sense of the bullies but more into the school system. In general the school system doesn’t care about you.

They do what they want and that’s the way they do it. Actually it’s also not really the school but a weird system above it, which is controlling it. It’s kind of eerie actually as you see many teachers really trying to make a difference and really want to put their lives on the line to help the kids learn. Because, Kids can learn. Yes, they can. And they want to.

Superman is a metaphor in this for the children who are waiting for someone who can stand up, and make a change for the better. They are waiting for their Superman. And after watching this documentary I believe everyone is wanting to become that Superman.

I’m a very sensitive guy and always have the feeling that I want to do something to improve the world. It’s a great feeling but also a feeling of complete loss because there is sometimes.

Last week I saw two documentaries, one of them was Waiting for Superman and the other was Bully. Let’s discuss Bully for now. And you will immediately see where the American school system is wrong.

This very harsh reality of life put in a small documentary is so painful to watch. It shows how messed up the world can be, especially for the little ones. The ones that are a bit different. I’m very sorry to say but I am happy we left the States for something new. It was turning into something unrecognizable to us. But back to the documentary. We follow a couple of kids who are not the average type of Movie Kids you expect to see when living abroad.

These kids are down to earth, normal nice kids, but a little different. Which gives them a different spin to everything.

The documentary doesn’t really have a start or an end, but it’s just a piece of what is ongoing for so many years and for so many years everyone is putting their heads in the sand. Time to get up and awaken from this.

I knew I wanted to change the environment for my children. Growing up in a really this is A and that is B situation I knew this was not the right way. I applied for the opening and we moved to Singapore. This is a very organized and strict country in their own way. I immediately had to take care of my expat medical insurance and also find the right health insurance for my kids and wife. After all the arrangements it was time to move. A new and more serious chapter for the whole family.

Our apartment is most definitely smaller but still very spacious compared to many other places and big enough for our family. It’s time to start, start with learning, start with having the kids know the importance of life.